2014 New Year Guide: The Year of Experiences

New year’s resolutions aren’t broken—the ways we set them are.Jullien Gordon

Book Summary
The New Year Guide is a intention-setting & goal-setting tool used by over 5,000 people since 2011. Every December, I release a new version to help you create a vision for the year to come.

The New Year Guide comes in packs of two because I don’t believe in setting goals in isolation. Dates don’t hold us accountable. Events that involve other people do.

This year’s Guide includes:

  • A new 9-step goal structure to clarify your reasons why you’re doing a goal before you even begin and then set it motion
  • 49-pages of surefire tools to help you evaluate 2012 and set new powerful intentions and goals for 2014
  • Evaluate and plan for every aspect of your life including personal, professional, financial, physical, family, and spiritual
  • Designed to work most effectively in groups to improve accountability and increase positive peer pressure
  • A consistent yearly framework that allows you document and see your growth year-after-year in a single place

See the table of contents below:

1. Celebrate

2013 Achievements
2013 Gratitude List

2. Evaluate
Two Biggest 2013 Regrets
Final 2013 To Dos

3. Envision
My Definition of Success
My Vision + Values
The Other 4.0 That Matters
2014 Vision Board

4. Create

Giving 2014 Meaning
Creating Experiences
My 2014 Experiences
Experience Creators
Professional Experiences
Family Experiences
Health + Body Experiences
Spiritual Experiences

5. Commit

My 12-Month Calendar
Envisioning Your Week
Allocating 168 Hours/Week
Example Weekly Time Grid
My Perfect Work Week

6. Invest
Financial Targets
My Time Value
Monthly Budget

The Innerview: Everything You Need To Know & Do Before Your First Job Interview

How can you align what you do with who you already are?Jullien Gordon

Book Summary
The Innerview is a workbook & textbook that covers everything a college student or young professional needs to do before their big interview for an internship or full-time job to help them answer the questions:

  • What do I want to be when I grow up?
  • What’s the purpose of work to me?
  • What am I passionate about and what careers align with my passions?
  • How do I use my time in college to prepare for my desired career?

The clearer an individual is on these questions before going into an interview, the more likely it is that they will ace their interview.

To D.R.E.A.M. means to have your Desired Relationships Employment And Money and The Innerview will help you D.R.E.A.M. awake. The curriculum is organized into the following 4 modules:

  1. Create Your D.R.E.A.M. Life (career & life visioning, financial plan)
  2. Attract Your D.R.E.A.M. Career (resume, cover letter, social media, personal branding
  3. Build Your D.R.E.A.M. Team (networking up, across, out, and online)
  4. Land Your D.R.E.A.M. Job (job search, interview, follow up, negotiation)

Start innerviewing today!

The 8 Cylinders of Success: How To Align Your Personal & Professional Purpose

Are you in the driver’s seat of your life or are you a passenger?Jullien Gordon

Book Summary
We’re all on the journey of life, but how do you know you’re going in the right direction? What’s your purpose? How do you discover it? Your life is your vehicle to design, drive, and maintain. Unfortunately, too many people end up back seat driving through life or driving other people’s vehicles and never take the driver’s seat of their own lives. Using the 8 Cylinders of Success™ framework, this book and workbook will help you design the vehicle of your life and achieve your highest personal velocity in your personal and professional life.

The 8 Cylinders of Success™ is a framework created by Jullien Gordon based on academic research in performance optimization, self-motivation, positive psychology, and happiness and the in depth study of some of the world’s most successful people. The 8 Cylinders of Success™ includes your: principles, passions, problems, people, positioning, pioneers, picture, and possibility. Together, they lead to your purpose, which is your personal GPS system that continuously guides you in the right direction throughout life.

Good Excuse Goals: Achieve Anything In 30 Days Or Less

What does it take to overcome procrastination and the fear of success?Jullien Gordon

Book Summary
Good Excuse Goals™ is an event-based goal-setting strategy that leverages the power of purpose, people, and programming to help you achieve your goals in less time. By simply changing the sequence of events that make up the goal setting and goal achievement process, you can significantly increase the likelihood that you will achieve any goal you set.

Good Excuse Goal setting will transform the way you set goals and eliminate your excuse. It will help you end procrastination and perfectionism. It will help you develop a healthy rhythm for your life that allows you to accomplish 12 powerful things in a year rather than nothing at all. It will help you create a support system for yourself and your goals through community accountability. It will help you accomplish whatever it is that you want. I developed the Good Excuse Goals book as a quick and easy to use system for you to accomplish your goals faster. In fact, this book was written in 30 days using the same goal setting process that I’m going to teach you.

101 Things To Do Before You Graduate: Maximize College & Minimize Debt

How can you graduate from college with a great job and less debt?Jullien Gordon

Book Summary
101 Things To Do Before You Graduate is a comprehensive of list of experiences to seek out during college to prepare students for the real world after college. The list is based on Patricia Hudak‘s (NYU ’06) and Jullien Gordon‘s (UCLA ’03 & Stanford ’07) paths to maximize their education in the classroom and beyond so that they could create careers and lives they wanted afterward. Some items on The 101 Things List include:

#5: Study Abroad
#16: Lead An On-Campus Organization
#25: Contact 3 Successful Alumni
#43: Get Business Cards
#66: Write A Business Plan
#100: Do Something You’ll Likely Get Rejected From

The book is designed to be a quick read so that students can spend more time taking action and checking off their list than reading. For each item in the list, we explain why the action is important, how to get started, and then offer resources (i.e. websites, products, or services) that will help students complete the action. The book is organized into four key areas—academic, career, money, and success—so that students can focus their efforts on specific areas they would like to grow in.

The Ultimate Undergraduate Guide To Graduation: A Planning Tool For 4 Years of Success

Even a 4.0 G.P.A. doesn’t guarantee you success in today’s world.Jullien Gordon

Book Summary
The Ultimate Undergraduate Guide To Graduation is a college and career success planning tool to help students maximize college and minimize debt. It was designed to complement the 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate book. The workbook is particularly useful for academic advising, orientations, mentor programs, and student leadership programs.

The table of contents is as follows:


01 | Our Philosophy & Mission
02 | The Other 4.0 That Matters
03 | My Other 4.0 Plan

Academic Plan & Goals

05 | 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate List
07 | Annual Academics
09 | 4-Year Academic Plan
11 | Resume Template
13 | Personal Goals

Time & Financial Management

15 | Example Time Grid & Week Chart
17 | Fall Time Grid & Week Chart
19 | Winter Time Grid & Week Chart
21 | Spring Time Grid & Week Chart
23 | Monthly Budget
25 | Grad School Choice
26 | My Notes