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The # 1 First Year Experience & First Generation Speaker

Your talk was amazing! The students were engaged and interested in your perspective. It brought the empowerment message we all needed for our students. You changed our campus. We keep referencing your “Other 4.0” and your book. Our FYE team and students appreciate you so much.

Bridget Parsh
My speaking career began after I received standing ovations at my UCLA and Stanford graduation speeches. Around that same time, both of my younger brothers graduated from college unemployed, despite having the same resources as me. They were just as smart and talented, but the world changed drastically in that 4-year gap. Since then, I have traveled the country to speak at over 100 colleges and conferences to make sure that students graduate…on-time…employed…and ready for the real world. My primary college events include:

» First Year Experience & Orientation Programs

» First Generation & Summer Bridge Programs

» Student Leadership Development Programs

» College-To-Career & Business-Related Programs
More Than A Motivational Speaker
Inspiration is not enough. I don’t believe in ra-ra speeches that get everyone excited for 30 minutes, but the moment they leave, all that energy dies. I believe that inspiration + action = real results. I’m committed to making sure that your students graduate…on-time…employed…and ready for the real world.
Christine Deacons
Director of Academic Support Services
Eastern Michigan University
Sarah Maguire
Assistant Director of First Year Programs
Northern Kentucky University
Mandy Shoemaker
Assistant Director & Academic Advisor, Honors Program
University of Cincinnati
Carrie Arnold
Assistant Director of Gateway Program Seminar and Honors Program
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Bridget Parsh
Director of First Year Experience Programs
Cal State Sacramento
Joy Hannibal
Academic Progression Coordinator
Michigan State University
Feel free to email Amparo Vazqwright at or call at 646-875-8477 if that's easier.
Top College Programs
Jullien's Programs Focus On Graduation, Not Just Motivation
#1: The Other 4.0 That Really Matters
How To Maximize College & Minimize Debt
Program Summary: Based on Jullien’s TED Talk and book 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate, this 90 minute presentation empowers college students to maximize college and minimize debt. Jullien teaches students how he graduated UCLA in 3 years and built his personal, intellectual, social, financial capital to position himself to live the life he lives today post-graduation.

Target Audience: Student orientations, Freshman summer programs or seminars, Student success classes

Jullien delivered his message in a fun, energetic way that engaged and excited our students and I am convinced it has made a positive impact on each of them.

Tim St. John
#2: No All Nighters
How To End Procrastination & Perfectionism Forever
Program Summary: Based on Jullien’s second book, Guaranteed Goals, and national 30 Day Do It goal setting movement, this 90 minute presentation is great for individuals who pull all-nighters and student groups, especially those who plan big annual events and conferences. Not only did Jullien graduate UCLA in 3 years, but he also never pulled an all-nighter simply because of this proven time management technique.

Target Audience: Study skills seminars, Procrastinators & Perfectionist, Non-traditional students, Graduate students, Students on academic probation

Jullien challenged our students to think outside of the traditional leadership box and introduced them to a concept of leadership development that was innovative and compelling.

Dr. Ashley Spicer-Runnels
#3: The 4 Levels Of Leadership
How To Create & Sustain Powerful Student Organizations
Program Summary: This presentation breaks down myths students have about great leadership and draws out the leader within each participant. Students will be able to take their learnings back to their organizations so that their organizations can be more sustainable from year to year.

Target Audience: Student leadership trainings and conferences, Student government, Fraternities & Sororities

Hundreds of our students attended Jullien Gordon’s talk, The Other 4.0 That Matters. From the response that night to discussions with students after the talk, our students were engaged and energized and creating plans to make the most of their college experience.

Lori Schlicht
#4: The Innerview
Everything You Must Do In College To Land A Job You Love
Program Summary: A college degree no longer guarantees graduates a good job. This workshop provides an easy-to-follow framework for navigating your inner-view and your interviews so that you differentiate yourself in the job search. This workshop will help students figure out what they want to do professionally, how to meet the right people and attract the right opportunities, and how to land their D.R.E.A.M. job before they graduate.

Target Audience: Career center workshops, Students looking for internships or full-time jobs, Pre-professional organizations, Young alumni

Before the next day’s presentation, three students told us they had made changes in their own lives based on things he had told them in the previous night’s presentation.

Pam Wuestenberg
#5: How To Educate & Motivate Millennials
How To Connect With & Teach Students From A Different Generation
Program Summary: We assume that just because a professor knows a lot about a subject that they will also be a great teacher. That isn't usually the case. In this session, Jullien teaches faculty and staff members how to educate and motivate Millenials by improving older generation's understanding of the younger generation's mindset and condition in today's competitive global economy.

Target Audience: FYE Instructors, Faculty & Staff
Nationwide College Tour
Jullien Has Touched The Lives Of 30,000+ Students At 100+ Campuses
» Alcorn State University

» Arizona State University

» Baruch College

» Boise State University

» Brevard Community College

» Bryant University

» Cal Lutheran University

» California State University, Fullerton

» California State University, Sacramento

» Central Michigan University

» College of Lake County

» Columbia University

» Cornell University

» DePaul University

» Duke University

» Eastern Michigan University

» Eastfield College

» Florida International University

» Florida State University

» George Mason University

» Georgetown University

» Georgia Tech University

» Graceland University

» Harford Community College

» Hillsborough Community College

» Illinois State University
» Indiana State University

» Indiana University, Bloomington

» Kaplan University

» Kean University

» LaGuardia Community College

» Lehigh Carbon Community College

» Loyola University Chicago

» Metropolitan Community College

» Miami Dade Community College

» Michigan State University

» Misercordia University

» Missouri State University

» Morehead State University

» New Jersey City University

» New York University

» Norfolk State University

» Northeastern University

» North Carolina Central University

» North Georgia College & State University

» Northern Kentucky University

» Oklahoma State University

» Pace University

» Purdue University

» Radford University

» Regis College
» Richland College

» San Joaquin Delta College

» Saint Leo University

» Saint Louis University

» Schriener University

» Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

» Stanford University

» SUNY Cobleskill

» SUNY Cortland

» Tarleton State University

» Tarrant County College

» Texas A&M University

» Texas State University

» Texas Woman’s University

» The College of Wooster

» Tidewater Community College

» University of Alabama

» University of Alabama at Birmingham

» University of California, Davis

» University of California, Irvine

» University of California, Los Angeles

» University of California, San Diego

» University of Central Florida

» University of Charleston

»University of Cincinnati

» University of Georgia
» University of Houston

» University of Illinois at Chicago

» University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

» University of Maryland

» University of Michigan

» University of Mississippi

» University of Missouri – Columbia

» University of Nebraska

» University of New England

» University of New Mexico

» University of North Carolina, Asheville

» University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

» University of North Carolina at Charlotte

» University of Oklahoma

» University of Pennsylvania

» University of South Florida

» University of Toledo

» University of Virginia

» University of Washington

» University of Wisconsin, Madison

» Wake Forest University

» Wayne State University

» Western Washington University
Meet Jullien Gordon
Jullien Gordon is a 6-time author, 4-time TED speaker, and has been featured on MSNBC, Forbes, and INC for his annual New Year Guide life and career visioning tool which has helped thousands of his entrepreneurial and professional students discover their Life’s Work and create more happy hours in their lives.

He has spoken at over 100 colleges nationwide and his corporate clients include the likes of PepsiCo, JPMorganChase, Daimler, Johnson & Johnson, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Jullien’s vision is a world where everyone has a team. As CEO of, Jullien is creating a global movement of mastermind groups that inspire members to take immediate inspired action towards a more purposeful, passionate, and profitable personal and professional life.

Jullien earned his MBA and Masters in Education from Stanford and his BA from UCLA in 3 years. He gives his time and money as member of the board of directors or BUILD, a non-profit that teaches the entrepreneurial mindset to high schoolers in urban communities nationwide. Jullien is originally from Oakland, California and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Pam, and his daughter, Jada.
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Jullien's Programs Focus On Graduation, Not Just Motivation
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