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My speaking career began on the college circuit after receiving standing ovations at my UCLA and Stanford graduation speeches. Since then, I’ve been blessed to touch thousands of students’ lives at 70+ colleges nationwide.

My message has grown with my generation as millennials enter Corporate America and my Fortune 500 clients include companies such as JPMorganChase, Pepsico, and Daimler. And I’ve also had the honor of speaking at TED 4 times on how to motivate millennials, the new American Dream, exploring our self-worth through entrepreneurship, and the purpose of college today.

My favorite part of speaking is after the speech at the book signing when I get to meet audience members 1-on-1, shake their hands, look them in the eyes, and hear their personal stories. I get inspired when I connect with someone else who has a similar story and the same struggles as I did trying to experience more happy hours.

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Colleges & Universities

I’m a student or staff member seeking:

  • to increase retention rates
  • to prepare students for careers
  • to develop student leaders

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I am a leader who is seeking to:

  • improve employee engagement
  • recruit and retain millennials
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  • an inspirational speaker
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