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Do You Feel Free Yet?
Many of us were taught to be good, get good grades, go to a good school, and get a job...and the doors of the world will open up to you.

Well, I don't know about you, but...

...Getting good grades didn't get me free.

...Going to UCLA for undergrad didn't get me free.

...Going to Stanford for my MBA didn't get me free.

...Getting a good paying job did not get me free.

There are people out there who...
1. Want to know what you know
2. Want what you have, or
3. Want to be where you are

We can prove this by doing a simple Google, YouTube, or Facebook search and see based on the number of search results, blog or video comments, and shares.
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The moment you find those people is the moment an entire niche economy opens up for you.

We are all already entrepreneurs whether we know it or not.

An employee is simply an entrepreneur with one big client—their employer. And it's pretty dangerous to only have one source of income.

This is the EntrepreNewReality.

Your freedom comes from knowing that you can create a dollar on demand using your existing personal, intellectual, social, and financial capital.

I want you to have freedom. 

As long as the internet isn't broke, you should never feel broke.

You are too hard working, too smart, and too talented and there are too many tools available in this day and age for you not to be able live your D.R.E.A.M. Life.

D.R.E.A.M. stands for having your Desired Relationships, Employment, And Money.

If I can help you dream awake more than you do asleep, then I've served my purpose on this Earth.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to freedom.

Wishing you well-th,
Jullien Gordon
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Inside are 6 of my most powerful tools to help you move toward more freedom.

There are 2 ecourses, 2 ebooks, 1 workbook, and 1 audio series. Start with the one that you need right now.
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Be Paid To Speak
This ebook will teach you how I created my speaking business from scratch going from unpaid speaking gigs to 5-figure speaking gigs in just a matter of years.
How To Self-Publish
This ebook will teach you how I created my speaking business from scratch going from unpaid speaking gigs to 5-figure speaking gigs in just a matter of years.
Finally Financially Free
Freedom costs less than you think. This training and the Personal Cashflow Excel document will teach you how to measure your net worth and cash flow.
The Passion Finder
This 4-part video series will help you identify your professional passion and show you how to turn it into a skill that is valuable to companies or personal clients.
The High Performer Plan
This worksheet and video lays out my weekly time management process that I do for 15 minutes every Sunday night to ensure I have a productive week.
The Side Conversations
This is a series of anonymous interviews I did with 14 side hustlers with full-time jobs to understand their process around managing their business, employer, time, and money.
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