Hey, Hard Worker?

My name is Jullien Gordon.

I am a recovering workaholic.

One day, I left my wife on the beach in Cancun to travel back to the US for 30 hours for work. I was torn and stuck. I told myself I was working hard for my family, but at the same time I was allowing work to pull me away from my family. Not only did I lose my voice during that trip because I was so tired, I almost lost my wife.

I had no work-life balance whatsoever. 

I was working harder instead of smarter. All throughout college and my career, I thought I was a high performer. I finally admitted that I was a workaholic and I began to explore the difference in beliefs and behaviors between high performers and workaholics.

I never stopped to define success for myself.

Prior to Cancun, I was working 80+ hours per week racing to make a million dollars by the age of 30. I was blindly chasing success according to society’s and my parents’ definitions. Once I did, my life transformed and I’ve been making daily choices that allow me to experience more “life-work balance,” and I’m here so that you can learn from my struggles and successes.

Join me on my journey to more happy hours.

Why I Work…

“Every day, my family takes an affirmation walk. I believe that when you change your day, you change your life. Our daily choices matter more than our big choices.” – Jullien

What’s More Happy Hours?

I’ve redefined what a happy hour means. A happy hour isn’t a time at a bar that you go to after work. A happy hour can take place wherever you are—at work, at home, in the morning, on weekends, during a meal, or during a walk. It’s a way of looking at life that depends on your perception and presence in the moment.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Many of us work hard to eventually play hard. We think “I’ll be happy when…” Why wait that long? Rather than thinking, I’ll be happy when work is done at 5pm…when I graduate…when I make more money…when I retire…when, when, when, there is a faster path to happiness when we focus on more happy hours rather assuming more money or time is the answer.

Live Your Values.

Unhappiness is the gap between who we are and who we want to be. We assume that changing our outside world will change how happy we feel inside, when it’s the exact opposite. Living our values on a daily basis has a greater impact on our happiness than occasionally buying valuable things.

The Path To Happiness Is Here.

We spend so much time future-tripping, we’re rarely here—in the present moment. We’re always rushing to get somewhere in the future, when happiness is right here and now. You don’t have to change jobs, change majors, change partners, or change where you live to be happier. You just have to be where you are.

The Way To More Happy Hours

Design Your Life

Every day you make thousands of choices around work, family, money, and time. Some are active and some are passive. If you’re not experiencing the life you want, you have to revisit all of your choices and make new ones that align what you do with who you are.

Know Your Value

Your value is not based on your salary, just like your intelligence wasn’t based on your GPA. It’s a lot higher than you think, otherwise they wouldn’t pay you what you get paid. Those who know their value feel free to be who they are regardless of the economy.

Build Your Personal Brand

Most of us think that the way to build our personal brand is to hide behind other big brands—big companies, big titles, and big colleges & degrees. But what really sets you apart and makes you unique is knowing who you are and how you contribute to others.

Manage Your Time

Our time is our most valuable resource, yet we still procrastinate on the things that we say matter to us most. We schedule meetings that don’t matter, when we should be scheduling the things that mean the most to us first and then let life fill in the rest.


Individual & GroupCoaching Programs


How Can I Help You Succeed?

Whether you’re looking to change your relationship to success, work, money, time, or family, I can help. I can customize a 1-on-1 10-week coaching program with you or you can participate in one of my group programs such as More Happy Hours, B.P.A.I.D., B.P.A.I.D. To Speak, or The Career Change Challenge.

I have a coach too. Why? Because it’s hard to be yourself and see yourself at the same time. As a coach, I don’t claim to be an expert on life. My role is to create a safe space for you, ask you the right questions, offer you frameworks to answer those questions, and hold you accountable to yourself.

If we could get where we wanted to be alone, we would already be there. So if you’re looking for some “positive peer pressure” let’s talk. I believe in you. With my belief in who you can be, some good accountability, and a healthy dose of curiosity in you about life, we can do something amazing together.

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Let’s Speak

My speaking career began on the college circuit after receiving standing ovations at my UCLA and Stanford graduation speeches. Since then, I’ve been blessed to touch thousands of students’ lives at 70+ colleges nationwide.

My message has grown with my generation as millennials enter Corporate America and my Fortune 500 clients include companies such as JPMorganChase, Pepsico, and Daimler. And I’ve also had the honor of speaking at TED 4 times on how to motivate millennials, the new American Dream, exploring our self-worth through entrepreneurship, and the purpose of college today.

My favorite part of speaking is after the speech at the book signing when I get to meet audience members 1-on-1, shake their hands, look them in the eyes, and hear their personal stories. I get inspired when I connect with someone else who has a similar story and the same struggles as I did trying to experience more happy hours.

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