Full of Faith 1: Fear-based vs. Faith-based living

Last night, Daryn and I went out to feed homeless people on University Avenue with leftover Subway sandwiches from an on-campus event earlier that day. As we distributed the platter, some people took two, but most took one. Ironically, there was a man standing in front of the closed Subway and we approached him. When we offered to give him the last two sandwiches, he said “No thanks, I’m full.” Daryn and I looked at each other in surprise and then walked away in silence.

This kind of reminds me of the biblical story about the manna. The key message was “Don’t take more than you need. Have faith.” I began to think about all of the food that I have let spoil in my refrigerator, all of the electronics I bought that are collecting dust, and all the clothes I’ve bought but never wear.

On a deeper level, the man’s faith that another meal would come at the appropriate time is noteworthy. How can a person with so little have so much faith? Or better yet, how can they not? Their entire life of a homeless person is built on faith. As a matter of fact, most animals live just like a homeless person in faith that they will find what they need when they need it.

This experience made me question my faith. Am I living in fear or in faith? I think that a lot of people (myself included) are in the process of seeking security whether it is financial (money), social (status), or intellectual (degrees) in fear of insecurity. It is easy to say that we are faithful when everything is in order, but s/he who is faithful all of the time, good or bad, is truly faithful. I think that we can test our faith by taking the risk of following our dreams. Oftentimes that path is less secure, but it definitely requires more faith and is probably more rewarding.

Inspire by: The homeless man in front of Subway