My Recovery From Workaholism Week #7: When is the day? Wednesdays

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It’s “When Is The Day? Wednesday.” I’m going to send my weekly emails on Hump Day from now on instead of Tuesday.

When is the day…? is a question that forces us to anchor our dreams in time which makes them real and allows us to dream awake.

The moment I decided to stop working on weekends, I faced so much resistance and temptation. My wife would go out with her friends for brunch and I would be left alone at home with my computer and somehow my fingers would magically walk me to my Gmail account and I would be working.

Or I would get an email at 7pm EST on Friday from a client on the West Coast who still had another hour of work before their weekend officially started and I wanted to respond.

Or I would justify that it’s oaky to get a head start on the week by sending a few emails on Sunday night so that they are at the top of other people’s inboxes on Monday morning. In case you didn’t know, E.M.A.I.L. stands for Electronically Managing Another Individual’s List 🙂

The way I’m breaking the habit is to go outside, away from electronics, and play basketball for a minute. To unravel negative patterns, oftentimes, we have to change our environment. Basketball still taps into my competitive edge, but it’s more hands-on and physical, whereas my work is primarily mental.

But I declaried it a few weeks ago and so far so good.

When is the day…
…you will start taking your full lunch break? (May 12, 2014 for me)
…you will stop answering email after 5pm? (I’m working on it)
…you will stop working on weekends? (May 15, 2014 for me)
…you will be fully present for your significant other? (I’m working on it)
…you will earn your first 4-figure check outside of a job? (April 6, 2009 for me)
…you will start your gratitude journal? (April 6, 2011 for me)
…you will quit your job and start your own thing? (January 9, 2009 for me)
…you will write that book? (December 9, 2009 for me)

As you can see from above, I’m still a work in progress. We all are.

I’ve had similar struggles with all of the events above. They didn’t just happen. They were intentional choices that I turned to decision through action. Big doors swing on small hinges and small choices can have a huge impact on the direction of your life.

These choices that began in 2009 are what allows me to do what I do today. In the past week, I was in California and I was blessed to be able to touch over 1,000 lives in person in 3 days.


Upper Left: About to speak to 500 young professionals at corporate event, Upper Right: Me signing 500 copies of The 8 Cylinders of Success, Lower Left: The long line of people waiting for signed copies of my book, Lower Right: About to speak to 600+ students at Junipero Serra High School

For many people, “When is the day?” means the day they retire. But we don’t have to wait that long. That’s a Dream Deferred. We can D.R.E.A.M. (Desired Relationships Employment And Money) awake today.

I would love to know the next intentional choice you’re on the verge of making or recently made and how you did it. Email me or comment here and let me know. Your comments will inspire me and others.