“We schedule the least important things like meetings and expect the most important things to magically happen.

– Jullien Gordon

The High Performer Plan

The High Performer Plan is a weekly visioning and planning tool to help busy professionals be more intentional about the way they spend their time before, during, and after work. It’s paper, but it’s powerful. The workbook is designed to help you establish more work-life balance and become a high performing professional, partner, and parent. By helping you put first things first and aligning your time with your values, you will find yourself happier, healthier, and more productive.

What’s unique about the layout is that your weekly to do list and weekly time grid are side-by-side. While people have recommended that I create an app, there is no screen that is big enough to display both together. This is critical since every action on your to do list has some sort of time associated with it. Using this format allows you to be honest about what you can accomplish and it also allows you track what you’ve accomplished each week.

What Makes The High Performer Plan Unique?

Your To Do List & Calendar Side-By-Side

If every to do list item has a time associated with it, then it should be right next to your calendar so that it gets done.

A Scoreboard To Track Your Daily Habits

Whether you want to exercise, eat lunch, meditate, or make 10 sales call every day, now you can track it here.

Track Your Progress From Week-To-Week

How many times have you left work on Friday and couldn’t remember a single thing you accomplished? Not anymore.

A Bird’s Eye View Of Everything You Have To Do

high performer plan birds eye view

The Weekly Planning Process

Training Video:

In this 30 minute video tutorial, you will learn how to design your week in 15 minutes on Sunday evening or Monday morning to make sure that you are living a life of your own choosing.

Here’s what’s inside the video:

0:00 – Introduction

2:21 – Workaholic vs. High Performer

5:11 – Procrastination vs. Perfectionism

7:35 – Your Life’s Work vs. Work-Life Balance

9:18 – 168 Hours Per Week

10:56 – The Weekly Planning Process



Envision Your Entire Week In 15 Minutes

Add Existing Meetings & Have-Tos

3 Minutes

Block out any existing meeting, call, or appointment that you have on your current calendar

Set Your Weekly Priorities

4 Minutes

Determine what your priorities for the week are and rank them based on importance and urgency

Create Your Weekly To Do List

4 Minutes

Determine the to do list items you want to achieve based on your priorities and allocate time to them

Schedule Your Action Items

4 Minutes

Input exactly when you are going to accomplish your to do list items in the gaps in your weekly calendar


About The Designer



Jullien Gordon

Thank you for your interest in The High Performer Plan. The goal of this tool is help you experience more happy hours in your personal and professional life by being more intentional about how you design your life and spend your time.

This is the weekly planning process I used to shift from being a workaholic to a high performer day-by-day. Designing your day and putting first things first is one of the most simple and powerful shifts you can make toward living the life you desire.

Whether you attended my workshop “The High Performer Plan” or not, the training video will help you rethink how you invest your time, which is your most valuable resource, so that you get the maximum return on life. The quality of your life will not be determined by how long you live, but how alive you feel during the time you do have.

Have A Question?

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Frequently Asked Questions


No. The High Performer Plan is supposed to work in conjunction with your online calendaring system such as Outlook or Google calendar. The HPP is most useful when prioritizing and planning out all of the gaps in your week where nothing is scheduled so that time is productive.

You can either use The High Performer Plan weekly or daily. Some people like to take 15 minutes to lay out the vision for their entire week on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Others like to take it one day at a time and start each day with a quick 5 minute visioning session for the next 8 hours.