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Jullien is a true strategist and visionary. He gets things done by being a skilled taskmaster. He has helped us create a vision for our business and implement an action plan that made it very clear what my and my business partners’ tasks needed to be. Jullien is always available to take calls and responds quickly to emails with outside of the box ideas to develop our business. He’s helped us nearly double our revenues in the space of a year and a half. We continue to work with him every time we need someone to help us think through our plan and the best ways to execute that plan. Thank you, Jullien!

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Having Engagement Problems?
New Higher is a high performance consultancy that believes in the power of questions. Through our innerviewing practice, we increase employee engagement and retention by anonymously asking your employees the right question to discover what motivates them so that you can close unnecessary gaps in your human capital strategy.
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Here is what I noticed. Jullien has a rare depth of understanding about what it truly takes to actually change in a world that likes to chat about change, sugar-coat what it truly means to “change” and fails to understand the skills involved and available to monumentally change an organization.
Jullien is adroit. Unfortunately many folks in the “change” business stick to their prescribed agenda and wind up trapped in a single-minded approach. While Jullien has a distinct modeled approach he realizes that the work is about helping people attain what they truly want in life not furthering the brilliance of his model. The model is a tool. Being of service is the point and he has the wherewithal to skip to the point of effectiveness whenever called upon to be more effective away from his model.

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#1: Human Capital 2.0
How To Motivate & Manage Millennials In The 21st Century
Program Summary: Millennials have been labeled as lazy, disloyal, and entitled and these perceptions are affecting how we receive and lead them in the workplace. Millennials have a different definition of success personally and professionally than Boomers and Gen Xers and that’s why old human capital strategies aren’t working. As a results, Millennials are harder to retain and leaving a leadership void for aging organizations. Jullien’s expertise will help those who hire and manage Millennials understand what motivates them so that they can be effectively managed and he will train your leaders in best practices that are working for other organizations worldwide.

Target Audience: Senior leaders & Middle managers
Millennials want 3 things from work:

1. Create Value: Millennials want autonomy to be entrepreneurial and understand how their daily efforts impact on the organization’s success.

2. Be Valued: Millennials want to be valued with increasing responsibility, feedback, and training to improve their skill set rather than just money.

3. Align Their Values: Millennials want to work hard without sacrificing work-life balance and see how their work is having a social impact
#2: High Performance vs. Workaholism
How To Motivate & Manage Millennials In The 21st Century
Program Summary: Are you a high performer or workaholic? How do you know? High performance and workaholism look the same on the outside. They both look like hard work. The BIG DIFFERENCE is how the individual feels on the inside about who they are in relationships to their work. A high performer works hard in healthy sustainable ways and feels happy and inspired. A workaholic works hard in unhealthy unsustainable ways and feels unhappy and burned out. This workplace effectiveness training will help you know the difference and stay in a space of high performance.

Target Audience: For any one who considers themselves to be a hard worker, high performers who want to perform higher, and employees on the brink of burnout
By the end of the day, you will know how to:
1. Determine if you are a high performer or workaholic
2. 7 things you can do to shift the way you work toward high performance
3. Differentiate between doing busy work and doing business
4. Choose the right finish line for the task at hand
5. Create rituals that allow you to pause and prepare for your next performance
6. Design your work week and day for maximum effectiveness

And you will leave this experience with:
1. A visual map of how you create value and fit into the larger business model
2. A clear understanding of which of your day-to-day activities create the most value
3. The ability to articulate of your high performance habits, renewal rituals, and conditions for success
#3: The Art Fry Effect
How To Unlock The Entrepreneurial Spirit In Your Employees & Create An Army Of Inner Entrepreneurs
Program Summary: Art Fry created the Post-It Note while he was employed at 3M. Because of his intrapreneurship, Post-It Notes are on every office desk in the world and there is a factory in Cynthiana, Kentucky that produces most of the world’s post-its even though the patent has expired. Art Fry didn’t just see himself as a job haver, he saw himself as a job creator.

There are 3 types of employees:

1. Profitable: Creates more value than they take
2. Break Even: Creates as much value as they take
3. Unprofitable: Takes more value than they create

Unprofitable employees are the downfall of teams and organizations. That’s why it is important to get every employee from the secretary to the senior leaders to see themselves as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial people are profitable whereas employee-minded people tend to do the bare minimum to keep their job. This training is about helping everyone see themselves as job creators rather than job havers through their individual high performance.

Target Audience: New Hires & Manager
#4: Get Everyone Onboard
How To On-Board New Hires & Win Over Winners
Program Summary: The way you begin a new relationship often shapes how and when it will end. Once the interview is over, more questions should be asked of the new team member to understand who they are, how they work best, and what they need to succeed. An new hires orientation will shape how they view the company and their relationship to it, and there are strategies that can be implemented that will ensure that their first impression is the right impression.

Target Audience: New Hires, HR professionals, Managers
How We Have Worked With Clients Like You
New Senior Associates Training
In 2011, a Fortune 500 professional services firm invited Jullien to be a part of their employee engagement program for new Senior Associates to help them navigate their next phase of leadership and life. Jullien worked closely with the firm to customize a training and keynote that aligned with the program goals. The program is designed to increase retention and engagement of millennials who think differently about their careers than any generation before. The event is 5 times a year and Jullien has been booked through 2015. The work has led to a 50% increase in retention of their 2,000+ Senior Associates.
Echoing Green: Fellow Selection & Development
Jullien worked side-by-side with Cheryl Dorsey, Executive Director of Echoing Green, to help her identify and codify a framework for fellow selection and alumni development. The framework is known as S.E.Q. which stands for Social Entrepreneurship Quotient. Originally S.E.Q. was based on Ms. Dorsey’s intuition about social entrepreneurs after seeing them and selecting them for decades, but she wanted to add some research-based rigor to the framework. Jullien and his team of ethnographers interviewed a cohort of Echoing Green alumni using his “innerviewing” technique and packaged their findings into a comprehensive report that now guides fellow selection and alumni development.
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