Business School Readiness Plan

Ultimate Goal
To be admitted to a top-tier business school

18-Month Objectives
1. Increase work experience
2. Craft a future vision
3. Develop business school goals (intellectual, social, and financial)

Action Items

Programs for Minorities
[] Apply to MLT’s MBA Prep Program
[] Research the Consortium
[] Research MBA Jump Start
[] Research the Riordan Program Fellows Program

[] Buy a GMAT book
[] Find a GMAT course or instructor

[] Find a partner for the process
[] Develop a budget for the business school application process
[] Revise your resume to reflect how you want it to look 2 years from now
[] Develop an 18-month calendar

[] Arrange a campus and classroom visit at your local campus even if you know you don’t want to go there
[] Interview 3 or more people who have been to business school

Other Information Sources
[] Visit
[] Visit Marquis Parker’s Blog and ask a question
[] Use the 8 Cylinders of Success to craft your personal statement