70+ Things To Do On Your Day Off

It’s so crazy that people want to retire by the age of 30 but then when you ask them what they plan to do with their time they don’t know. So I created this list of 70 things to do on your day off to just help you start brainstorming and create an amazing day. The purpose of the activity you choose is important—one activity may mean two different things to two different people.  For example, one person may do a day of photography to tap into their creative spirit while another person may do it sharpen their photography skills.  It’s up to you.

If you have more ideas that you think we should add to the list, use the comments box above or below.  We’ll be sure to give you credit.  We hope it helps.


      • Journal every day about an event,  question, word, scripture, quote, passion, or problem
      • Create a vision board/collage for you life
      • Setup an introductory session with a life coach


      • Go to a new Meetup.com group every evening
      • Host a fellas and/or ladies night/potluck among friends about a topic you care about



      • Free kayaking
      • Go camping and be with Mother Nature for at least one night
      • Take a yoga class
      • Go skydiving
      • Go bungee jumping
      • Take a karate class
      • Play a pick-up game of soccer or basketball

Family & Friends

      • Choose friends to go to dinner with each night at new restaurants
      • Send hand-written thank you cards to friends and family (by Ashley Mui)
      • Interview your parents and/or grandparents about their lessons from life

Fear Fighting & Challenges


      • Go to ToastMasters to work on public speaking
      • Take the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 and discover your top 5 strengths (by Detavio Samuels)
      • Develop a resume 2.0 (by Jullien Gordon)
      • Get three reference letters from former employers and colleagues
      • Develop an online portfolio of your greatest work


      • Attend a personal finance workshop
      • Play Wall Street Survivor, a fantasy stock market game and learn how to trade stocks
      • Learn to do your own taxes
      • Learn how to do your own oil change
      • Write a business plan based on one of your business ideas
      • Learn how to replace your tire
      • Try to create fun using what you already have without spending money
      • Take all of your change to the bank and use it to fund your recess
      • Get a credit report
      • Sell something and try to make $100
      • Raise as much money as you can for a cause you believe in


      • Study fung shui and then redesign a room in your house
      • Throw away or donate old electronics, papers, and clothes



      • Free photography class (Pamela Jackson)
      • Paint something (i.e. still life, self-portrait, etc)
      • Do a photo essay (i.e. of NY building, NY trains, NY museums, NY parks, NY homes, NY people, NY historical sites, etc)
      • Write a song and/or make a beat (i.e. using Garage Band, pots & pans)
      • Learn how to cook a new dish
      • Write a children’s story about your greatest life lesson
      • Start a blog for FREE on any subject you are passionate about and write 5 entries
      • Record a story at StoryCorps.org


Structured Courses

Suggested Books

      • The Artist’s Way
      • The Alchemist
      • Who Moved My Cheese
      • Success Built To Last
      • Never Eat Alone
      • Vital Friends
      • StrengthsFinder 2.0
      • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
      • The Four Agreement
      • The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
      • The Celestine Prophecy

Suggested Movies

    • The Secret
    • The Peaceful Warrior
    • The Diving Bell & The Butterfly